Printed Applications

In Peiotl we know that a variety of clients with different needs and desires exists, which is why not only we focus on the virtual design and advertising, it is also strengthening with printed material, taking up a bigger number of potential clients, even though you already count with a captive client base and you know it is important to maintain them, also, it is fundamental that you dedicate a certain percentage of your efforts to those who don’t consume your product o service, in Peioth we help you reach this by designing printed advertising with high impact to create the desires of your target market, encouraging the consumption of it by printed advertising suitable and efficient which with you can achieve your desired goals.

Some of our work

Postcards and posters for campaign Mete Mano of Grupo Reto Guadalajara, public awareness to detect breast cancer in women, encouraging them and their couples to do a daily self-check and “meter mano” (get your hands on)

Brochure and poster to promote and to advertise the free tours given by the tourist department of Tonala, Campaign called “Visita, Siente, Vive Tonala” (Visit, Feel, Live Tonala)

Brochure with map of the city´s downtown to promote the municipality of Tonala, Jalisco and the 8th National Ceramic contest Tonallan 2013 requirements to participate poster.

Flyer, invitation, poster for the miss Tonala pageant 2014, organized by the tourism department of Tonala, Jalisco.