Graphic Identity

Now days, we live in a world saturated with advertising, which makes decision making in a daily basis even harder to make; In Peiotl we make that decision making easier, giving it an original identity, creative, impressive, functional and above all, that it evokes the essence of your product or service, helping it construct an efficient model of development and communication.

Some of our work

Graphic touristic Identity, Identifier (Logo and simbolism), institutional, uniforms, souvenirs, flyers, website, networking (Facebook and Twitter), it included publicity campaign for the municipality “Visita Tonalá” and “Vive Tonalá” as well as the stage design and publicity for their beauty Peagent “Miss Tonala”

Advertising campaign and identity to promote as candidate for local deputy, design for billboard spaces, promotional items, letterhead, website and identifier.

Parallel identity to the municipality of Cozumel, Quintana Roo, for its campaign headquarters in the state of Jalisco, (souvenirs, letterhead, uniforms and identifier) as well as a proposal for the nomenclature for the streets of the municipality.

Graphic identity of company dedicated to the development of software, identifier (logo and symbol), letterhead,, uniforms, mobile park, souvenirs, website, networking (Facebook and Twitter).